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Are the hinges of your front door damaged? Do you have to push to close the patio doors? Tell us if you are in need of door repair in Aurora, Ontario. The sooner you make contact with our team, the sooner a local door expert will come to your home. Don’t you want that, especially if this is a front door problem? Or a problem with your Aurora patio doors or the back door? Aurora Windows & Doors is at your disposal and fully prepared for services. What can we do for you?

In Aurora, door repair and replacement services

Door Repair Aurora

To swiftly and effortlessly book door repair, Aurora residents have only one call to make or one message to send: to our company. We have spent years in this sector and know well that even the best doors may wear and tear down the road for all sorts of reasons. But despite the problem, there are solutions. And since we are a full-service door provider, you can count on our team whether you want to book home door repair or replacement.

Sliding door troubles? Broken glass doors?

Take a deep breath. In our door repair company, we have experience with all types of doors.

  •          French doors
  •          Sliding doors
  •          Glass doors
  •          Patio doors
  •          Screen doors
  •          Front doors
  •          Pocket doors
  •          Storm doors

Are your swing doors not moving with ease due to hinge damage? Is this a sliding glass door whose glass panel is cracked and should be quickly replaced? Anything may go wrong with all types of doors. Wood doors, for example, may warp. Glass doors may break. Sliding doors may get jammed if their wheels or the track is damaged.

But in spite of the nature of the problem, the door repair pros provide the correct solutions and complete the service by the book.

Responsive home door repair service pros at your disposal

All local door repair service requests are handled quickly. Have no doubt. Even if this is a problem with an interior door, a pro comes out as soon as it is okay with you. Besides, wouldn’t you want speedy solutions if one of your doors wouldn’t close or open? Naturally, even minor trouble with the front or the back door, with the patio doors and with any other exterior door is swiftly addressed. It makes sense, right?

No need to wait forever to get solutions to door problems. And no need to take chances with the quality of the service. If you live in Aurora, door repair experts stand around and are ready to offer the helping hand you need when you need it. Talk to us about your current door troubles.